Cooks’ Gun Repair is a Class III FFL holder – meaning we can sell and transfer all items regulated under Title II of the National Firearms Act: Machine Guns, Short Barreled Rifles and Shotguns, Silencers, and AOWs.  We offer competitive pricing on custom orders and transfers of NFA items.


We are the only licensed SPEQ dealer for SilencerCo©  in the state of Colorado south of Denver.  The SPEQ program offers a substantial discount on SilencerCo© products to current and retired military, law enforcement, and first responders. 

Who Qualifies:

• Law Enforcement (Active or retired with credentials)
• Military (Active, reserve, retired, disabled veterans with medically retired ID, or anyone with a DD 214 that was honorably discharged)
• Federal Flight Deck Officer (with credentials)
• Fire Rescue / EMT (with credentials/license)
• Private Security (Armed private security only)

Operators Suppressor Systems (OSS) Suppressors

We are a Professional Armed Services Sales Program (PASS) dealer for OSS suppressors.  This program enables those who have risked their lives to protect us to purchase OSS suppressors needed for their assigned duties at exclusive prices.

Who Qualifies:

• Active, Reserve, or Retired members of the military
• Honorably Discharged Veterans
• Members of the National Guard
• Law Enforcement Officers involved with protection and/or enforcement

We also sell and offer competitive prices from Surefire and Advanced Armament Company, and we will order and transfer other suppressors from other manufacturers, and Internet distributors of silencers.

We are an authorized dealer for Silencer Shop.   Our shop has a Silencer Shop Secured Identity Documentation (S.I.D.) Kiosk which allows one-stop shopping for our valued customers.

Kiosk Steps:

Once you arrive at our shop, the following S.I.D. Kiosk steps are completed to finish the process:

• Locate kiosk within designated dealer’s storefront
• Tap touchscreen to begin process (select preferred account log-in option)
• Scan your assigned Quick Response (QR) code
• Follow onscreen prompts/instructions
• Submit fingerprints for upload (left four fingers; left thumb; right thumb; right four fingers)
• Supply signature with finger
• Provide registration information
• Answer questionnaire
• Choose registration method (e.g., trust, corporation, or individual)
• Download mobile app for photo
• Complete process
• Check text messages/emails for account links and alerts
• Treat yourself to ice-cream (and ammunition)

Short Barreled Rifles (SBRs) and Shotguns

SBRs are a great way to get into owning NFA items.  Whether you want to purchase a factory SBR from manufacturers like Sig Sauer, Bravo Company Manufacturing, and Daniel Defense; or you want to turn a receiver you already own into an SBR, we can help you through the purchasing, application, and building process.

Machine Guns

Although the registry for new machine guns is closed, there are plenty of registered machine guns for sale.  We will act as the intermediary for any person to person sales of machine guns at a reasonable rate.  If you are looking to sell your machine gun, we can sell it on consignment for you, contact us for details.

Law Enforcement

We support our local law enforcement agencies, and any wishing to purchase full auto/short barreled/silencers can contact us for discounted pricing.  

Cook’s Gun Repair will provide demonstration firearms of any full auto firearms that law enforcement agencies are interested in at our expense, with a law enforcement letter to the ATF.

Contact us today if your agency is interested in any new full auto firearms.

Competitive prices and top customer service.  Call us today to buy your Title II weapon!  Cook’s Gun Repair is a Class III FFL holder- meaning we can sell and transfer all items regulated under Title II of the Natoinal Firearms Act: Machine Guns, Short Barreled Rifles and Shotguns, Silencers, and AOWs.  

We offer competitive pricing on custom orders and on transfers of NFA items!