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Benefits of a NFA Trust

James Cook can assist you with creating a National Firearms Act (NFA) gun trust.  National Firearms Act, or Title II, firearms include machine guns, silencers, short-barreled rifles, and short-barreled shotguns. 

If you create a NFA trust, you can arrange for the trust to stay in existence even after your death.  The trustees and beneficiaries of the trust would have whatever rights you grant them in the terms of the trust.  Because the firearm(s) or silencer(s) stay in the trust at your death, the transfer procedure is avoided.  That means your inheritors do not have to pay a $200 transfer tax, file an ATF transfer form, receive permission from local law enforcement, or get fingerprinted and photographed.

Cost – $300 (one time fee)

As an active attorney and educator in defending the 2nd Amendment, James travels around Colorado teaching classes in gun laws, personal carry, and hunting laws.  Additionally, he is an expert in defending people involved in gun-related incidents.

Call James to arrange a meeting for a greater understanding and long-term benefits of a NFA trust.