The World of Cerakote

CerakoteⓇ is a thin, film ceramic-based technology used to preserve and customize your firearms, silencers, and other accessories.  We can cerakote metal, steel, aluminum, polymer, composits, and wood products.  There are two types of cerakote applications: 

*  Oven cured – this is the most used process as it allows us to immediately reassemble the firearm once the parts are cooled.

*  Air cured – this process takes longer since we allow one week for all parts to cure properly before we reassemble the firearm.

CerakoteⓇ is an ultra-smooth, sleek, self-leveling, rich finish that requires a single coat application.  Based on the use of a catalyst, we have the ability to create a mat finish, satin finish, or semi-gloss finish.  We use a Paasche airbrush gun kit that allows for detailed spraying and the ability to ensure your firearm has full coverage without any over-spray.

Not only is cerakoting tacti-cool, it is practical!

While cerakoting your firearm provides a unique, one-of-a-kind design, it also has many practical aspects resulting in tremendous long-term performance.  CerakoteⓇ is durable, heat resistant, highly resistant to most chemicals, and mitigates rust.  Additionally, cerakoteⓇ can restore your older or more used firearms when the factory bluing or rusty parts need an upgrade.  See the CerakoteⓇ  website for their corrosion test report.  We have access to over 130 different factory colors, or we can work with you to create a unique custom color.

We provide our customers with the option to use a single color or multi-color patterns.  In an effort to further customize your firearms, we also use varying stencils which create a more dynamic and personal appeal to a firearm.

Stencils / Patterns

There are dozens of stencil patterns on the market we can use to assist you in creating that special and unique cerakote job.  Examples of stencil patterns include:  various types of camouflage and specialty stencils such as flags, skulls, the punisher skull, military inspired, kryptek, stripes, etc.  NOTE:  The use of stencils does increase the price of a cerakote job based on size of firearm and type of stencil.  All prices are discussed up front to prevent any surprises when it is time to pick up your personalized firearm.

Many customers prefer a free-hand camouflage pattern that does not require the use of stencils (keeping the price down) and uses freehand patterning based on the experience of our cerakoter.


Prices vary based on type of firearm (e.g., handgun, rifle, AR, AK, shotgun), multiple colors, custom color design, and use of stencils – we also cerakote individual parts. Add $25 per additional color for camouflaged patterns.   NOTE:  Prices may slightly vary based on special projects and all pricing is discussed prior to beginning a project.

•  AK rifles – $300
•  AR rifles – $250
•  Bolt action rifles – $200
•  Handguns – $200
•  Shotguns – $200
•  Semiauto handgun slides – $100
•  Semiauto handgun frame – $100
•  Silencers – $50
•  Individual Parts – Varying prices based on size of the part

*** Please visit our “Cerakote Gallery” to view some of the various firearms we have custom cerakoted in our shop for hundreds of customers.